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Adjustable Backrest & Footrest Electric Wheelchair: Tailored Comfort in Motion

Welcome to the pinnacle of personalized mobility—the Adjustable Backrest & Footrest Steel Electric Wheelchair by SINOVEHICLES.

What sets it apart:

  • Customizable Support: The electric wheelchair boasts an custom wheelchair backrest, accommodating diverse seating preferences and ensuring a personalized, comfortable experience for users.

  • Versatile Footrest Adjustment: The footrest can be effortlessly adjusted to different angles, promoting optimal leg positioning, enhancing circulation, and reducing fatigue during extended use.

  • Electric Powered Efficiency: Experience effortless mobility with the powerful electric motor. No more manual pushing—just intuitive controls for smooth navigation.

  • User-Friendly Controls: The intuitive joystick control panel ensures precise navigation, enabling easy maneuvering even in tight spaces.

  • Sturdy Construction: Built with a high-quality steel frame, this wheelchair ensures durability and stability, providing a reliable platform for daily use.

  • Comfort-Driven Design: Enjoy a cushioned seat and padded armrests, offering enhanced comfort during prolonged use.

Adjustable Wheelchair Highlights:

  • Adjustable Backrest Wheelchair:

Easily position the backrest for various seating preferences, ensuring optimal comfort for users.

  • Adjustable Footrest Wheelchair:

Effortlessly adjust the footrest to different angles for personalized leg support and comfort.

Ideal Usage Scenarios

  • Indoor Comfort:

Maneuver through homes and public spaces with ease, thanks to the adjustable leg rest wheelchair's compact and adjustable design.

  • Outdoor Adventures:

Conquer parks, sidewalks, and outdoor environments, enjoying the freedom of personalized mobility.

  • Elderly Care:

Tailored for elderly individuals, providing them with a comfortable and adjustable means of transportation by wheelchair with footrest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How to adjust a wheelchair?
A1: To adjust a wheelchair, follow these steps:

  1. Seat Height: Adjust the seat height to ensure comfort and proper posture.

  2. Armrests: Position armrests at a comfortable height and angle.

  3. Footrests: Adjust footrest height to support legs comfortably.

  4. Brakes: To adjust brakes, tighten or loosen the brake cables as needed. Consult the wheelchair's manual for specific instructions.

  5. Test: Test the adjustments for comfort and safety.

Q2: How to adjust brakes on a wheelchair?
A2: To adjust wheelchair footrests:

  1. Locate adjustment knobs or levers on the wheelchair frame.

  2. Loosen these knobs/levers.

  3. Adjust the footrests to the desired height and angle.

  4. Securely tighten the knobs/levers.

  5. Ensure footrests are level and comfortable for the user.

Q3: How to adjust wheelchair footrests?
A3: To adjust brakes on a wheelchair:

  1. Locate the brake cables near the rear wheels.

  2. If brakes are too loose, tighten the cable by turning the adjustment nut clockwise.

  3. If brakes are too tight, loosen the cable by turning the adjustment nut counterclockwise.

  4. Test the brakes for proper tension and functionality.

  5. Make further adjustments as needed for safety.

If you face any problems, learn about usage guidelines, need replacement parts, or seek warranty support, please reach out to us at wm01@chinaqianxi.com to connect with our skilled technicians. Or read our How-To Tools here. Our commitment is to swiftly restore your electric wheelchair to proper working order.

Regular Maintenance

For optimal performance and durability, follow the maintenance instructions. Warning: Consult the manual for detailed instructions.

Adjustment Caution

Adjustments should be made carefully and in accordance with the user manual to ensure safety and comfort.

Battery Care

Follow the battery care instructions in the user guide.

Elevate your mobility experience with the Adjustable Backrest & Footrest Electric Wheelchair—a fusion of personalized comfort and cutting-edge technology by Sinovehicles. Where comfort meets motion, discover the freedom to move with ease.


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