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  • Q How often should I charge my electric wheelchair?

    A In general, if you use the electric wheelchair very often then we recommend charging it every day.  A  more effective way to do this  charge your power wheelchair immediately before you use it and go to bed. If you don't often use power wheelchair, be sure to charge the battery at least once a week to prevent premature dying of battery.
  • Q Do you provide after-sales service?

    A We take high attention to quality of our products"Quality is our life". Each of our electric wheelchair will be strictly tested before shipment and the quality is guaranteed. If you have any problem with them, you can contact us.
  • Q What feature makes this chair "intelligent"?

    A We have equipped with the electro-magnetic braking system, one hand loose the joustick, will make the chair stop immediately. 
  • Q How to choose the electric wheelchair?

    A When you choose a power chair,it's important to consoder your own personal needs. The power wheelchair is the one taht meets your specific needs,think about how you would use it. Now there are many style of wheelcahir, all kinds of you just consider your needs, there is always a suitable for you. 
  • Q Can I take the electric wheelchair to the plane?

    A Of course, can carry.Just detach the batteries before flying and check the wheelchair. If the battery is less or equal to 6 amper,you can carry the battery with you.
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