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How does an electric wheelchair work?

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How does an electric wheelchair work?

How does an electric wheelchair work?

Many people are curious about how electric wheelchairs work, particularly folding electric wheelchairs. This is especially true when they compare them to rigid powerchairs and mobility scooters.

Electric wheelchairs are powered by batteries, and controlled with a joystick. Flybrother, a leading provider of electric wheelchairs on the market, examines how these wheelchairs work and their power systems.

Understanding how an electric wheelchair works

The motors of an electric wheelchair are powered by rechargeable electric batteries and controlled by the user or caregiver using a joystick.

This blog will explain the workings of a wheelchair.



Joysticks and controls


A motorized chair is one powered by a battery. We use lithium batteries at Flybrother. All of our wheelchairs have rear-wheel drive and a range of wheel sizes to suit different needs.


Flybrother utilizes lithium-ion battery technology, which is a relatively recent advancement in the world of mobility. lithium battery is more efficient than lead-acid batteries. The power consumption of lithium batteries is 80-100%, compared to lead acid batteries which can only utilize 50-70% at a time. Our lithium batteries weigh only 1.5kg on average, compared to old-fashioned wheelchair batteries.

You can use a wheelchair safely and reliably by using batteries that are detachable and rechargeable, such as Flybrother.


There are two types of motors in electric wheelchairs: brushless and brushed.

Brushed Motors are equipped with a series of brushes to maintain contact with the motor commutator. This provides the energy for the rotor and allows it to move. The wheelchair is rendered unusable if a brush wears out or breaks.

Brushless Motors are used by Flybrother. They are quieter and smoother in operation, and more likely to be durable without needing repairs or maintenance. The motors can be controlled with greater precision using a joystick and they have a longer lifespan.

The user will pay less throughout their life, even though the initial cost is higher. We at Flybrother want you to have a electric wheelchair that is made of parts that will last and not break once the warranty period ends.

How does an electric wheelchair joystick work?

You will need a joystick to operate an electric wheelchair.

The joystick has a horn and a battery indicator. It also contains a speed changer. You can change the speed by 0.5 mph. Toby, founder and CEO at Flybrother explains the joystick in this video.

After you have set your speed and direction, you can use the joystick to adjust acceleration and direction. You can accelerate faster by pushing the joystick forward all the way. However, moving the accelerator slightly will result in less speed.

The control unit (which acts as the brain of the wheelchair) converts the joystick movements into electrical signals that are then translated to the motors. The control unit then transmits the right amount of power to drive the wheelchair's rear wheels. It works quickly and in harmony, so protecting the joystick from rain is important.

Are you looking for the perfect electric wheelchair?

We can help you find the right wheelchair by talking to our team at Flybrother.

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