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How Much Does an Electric Wheelchair Weigh?

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How Much Does an Electric Wheelchair Weigh?

How much does an electric wheelchair Weigh?

Weight is an important factor to consider when choosing a wheelchair.

Consider how often you will use your electric wheelchair outside your home. Will you be using a car to travel? Do you plan to travel by plane?

All of the scenarios listed above will require you to either have someone lift your wheelchair or someone who can disassemble it and transport it in pieces.

Weight is important for many reasons. How much does an electrical wheelchair weigh? A power wheelchair can weigh as little as 15kgs or as much as 136kgs.

What is the weight of an electric wheelchair?

Electric wheelchairs range in weight from 15 to 136 kgs. Electric wheelchairs weigh between 15 kgs. Power wheelchairs come in different categories, each with a different weight range.

Here is a guideline on how much each power wheelchair should weigh.

  • Lightweight power wheelchairs: 13-23 kgs.

Most insurance companies do not cover these wheelchairs.

Power wheelchairs that are lightweight and portable are ideal for transport or occasional use. These are not meant for daily, long-term use.

  • Standard Power Wheelchairs: Weight range 24-68 kgs.

You probably think of this when you hear the term power wheelchair. It's a standard wheelchair with comfortable seats and a weight capacity of 136 kgs. It depends on how easily the chair can be disassembled and how much each part weighs.

  • Up to 137 kgs.

The weight limit is higher (up to 273 kgs). A heavier wheelchair is the result of a higher weight limit. The bariatric electric wheelchairs are too heavy to be transported by one person.

The weight of an electric wheelchair vs. a manual wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs weigh much less than power wheelchairs. A manual wheelchair is typically between 7 and 23 kgs. The weight of a manual wheelchair can range from 7 kgs. Power wheelchairs, on the other hand, can weigh up to 15 kgs. to almost 136 kgs.

Manual wheelchairs tend to be lighter than power wheelchairs, but different models can weigh more. These electric wheelchairs are designed to be used for a shorter period than power wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs can be used to get from your car to the airport, travel outside of the home or even transport yourself.

Why are power wheelchairs so heavy?

The batteries are the main reason why power wheelchairs are heavier than manual wheelchairs. All the bells, whistles, and accessories you can add will also contribute to how heavy a power chair is.

  • Batteries

Batteries are the main source of weight added to a power chair. One battery can sometimes weigh up to 23kg. Certain power wheelchairs even have two batteries!

Batteries are required for power wheelchairs, as they allow the chair to move forward without requiring the user to manually push the wheels or ask someone else to do so. While they are heavier and may require a ramp to enter a vehicle, a self-propelling chair is worth the extra weight.

  • Add-Ons

There are many options when it comes to customizing your power wheelchair. You can add more weight to your wheelchair by adding all-terrain tires, oxygen tanks, or bigger wheels.

Some of the most popular add-ons to increase the weight of an electric wheelchair are:

  • Footrest that can be swung away

  • Elevating leg rests

  • Oxygen tank holder

  • Front storage basket

  • Saddlebag

  • Upgraded Tires

  • Seating

Power wheelchairs that have advanced seating systems and positioning systems add weight.

When it comes to power chairs, there are many different options for seating. You can add an elevating or reclining seat to your power wheelchair, for example.

What is the lightest power wheelchair?

It's only 15 kgs for the lightest power wheelchair. This is the Feather Power wheelchair by Sinovehicles. The Feather Power wheelchair is lightweight, foldable, and has a range of 11 miles!

We want you to know that while lightweight, portable, power wheelchairs offer amazing technology and can change your life, they are not covered by most insurance companies.

A wheelchair must be deemed reasonable and medically essential for it to be covered by insurance. A lightweight portable wheelchair, however, is not designed for long-term, daily use. They are designed to be used outdoors, not inside your home. This isn't a necessary use.

Weights of common wheelchairs

This is a list of the most popular power wheelchairs.

XFGN18-20841.447 lbs. (without battery)

36.597 lbs. (without battery)


30.424 lbs.(without battery)

XFGW25-20357.32 lbs.(without battery)
XFGW25-10757.32 lbs. (without battery)

Need help getting a power wheelchair?

We can help people get into an electric wheelchair so they can regain their independence and confidence.

We work with your doctor to get authorization and complete all the necessary documentation. Then we build the perfect powerchair for you.

Find out if you are eligible for a power wheelchair or Contact us and set up a FREE Consultation!


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