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How Can I Purchase An Electric Wheelchair Under Insurance Coverage?

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How Can I Purchase An Electric Wheelchair Under Insurance Coverage?

If you or a loved one need an electric wheelchair for improved mobility, chances are you may be concerned about cost. Fortunately, insurance companies often provide coverage for this essential medical equipment. However, the process can be complex. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to purchase an electric wheelchair under insurance coverage.

1. Consult Your Healthcare Professional

Start by visiting your doctor or another healthcare professional. They will evaluate your health status and daily living activities to determine whether you need a power wheelchair.

2. Obtain Medical Documentation

Your healthcare provider should document your need and prescribe an electric wheelchair. The documentation should include why you need the device, how it will help improve your mobility, and why other mobility aids won't suffice.

3. Find an Approved Provider

Next up is to find an approved provider that sells electric wheelchairs within your insurance network. This guarantees that your insurance company will cover part or all of the costs involved.

4. Choose the Right Electric Wheelchair

Consider factors such as battery life, weight capacity, style, size, control mechanism etc while choosing the device that matches your needs.

5. Complete Pre-Authorization Process

Before purchasing the electric wheelchair, submit your medical documentation with a quote from the in-network provider to your insurer for pre-authorization review.

6. Make Your Purchase

After approval from insurance company buy the wheelchair from the provided vendor per instructions provided by insurance company.

7.File Your Claim

Lastly file claim with all receipts invoices and prescriptions keeping copies safe with yourself in case of rejection you may have to repeat filing till approval is received,

Remember these steps vary depending on individual insurance policies.Its always best to contact insurers directly so they can provide correct information tailored specifically for you.


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