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XFGW25-207 New Trending Detachable Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

The electric wheelchair is made of an aluminum alloy frame which significantly reduces its weight compared to a steel frame. It features a portable and three-dimensional structure with a scientifically designed weight-bearing capacity of up to 264.56lbs.

Both the front and rear wheels are all used aluminum alloy hubs, providing enhanced durability.

Customers have the flexibility to choose between installing one or two pcs lithium batteries according to their long-range demands.

There are two charging methods available: via the battery charging port or through the controller.

The controller features a indicator that displays the battery and speed, providing a more intuitive experience for users.

With six shock absorbers, the wheelchair ensures a comfortable ride even on uneven surfaces.

The wheelchair can be folded 10 seconds, making it simple, quickly, and convenient for storage during travel

The backrest and armrests are adjustable in height, designed with a luggage handle-like structure, allowing for easy maneuverability.

The frame and motor section of the wheelchair can be detached with pull or push slide lever, allowing for easy transportation and convenience while on the go.


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