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XFGW25-203 Aluminium Alloy Travel Folding Electric Wheelchair For Adult

1.We use aluminum alloy frame instead of steel, making our wheelchair much lighter and easier to carry around.

2.Our wheelchair uses a 250W high-performance dual motor which makes it more efficient, and more powerful.

3.You can choose to install 1 or 2 lithium-ion batteries, depending on your mileage needs.

4.Our wheelchair can be charged through the battery port or through the controller's charging port, giving you more flexibility.

5.You can switch easily between electric and manual modes using the red toggle on the control unit.

6.The backrest and armrests can be adjusted for maximum comfort and the suitcase-style handlebar design makes it easy to transport.

7.Our control unit has a clear display screen that shows your speed and battery life, giving you all the information you need.

8.Our wheelchair stops automatically when you release the toggle stick.

9. You can fold our wheelchair in just 10 seconds, making it easy to store when traveling or not in use.


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