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Why the Price for Electric Wheelchairs Are So Different?

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Why the Price for Electric Wheelchairs Are So Different?

There are thousands of electric wheelchairs on the market. Many clients don't have much knowledge about electric wheelchairs. They always ask: why are the prices so different for 2 identical electric wheelchairs? We will tell you what we know as a professional manufacturer of electric wheelchairs. You can use this information to help you choose an electric wheelchair.

The factors that will influence the price of electric wheelchairs

* Product configuration

* The mold

* Product design

* The premium brand


The main reason why prices differ is because of the configuration. The price of an electric wheelchair can vary greatly depending on its configuration. Here are some factors that can affect the price of an electric wheelchair.

* The motor

It is what gives the electric wheelchair its power. You can feel more comfortable when you climb with a good motor. Brush motor and brushless motor are the two types of motors. The brushless motor is more expensive.

adjustable electric power wheelchair

* The control

How can you tell if an electric wheelchair is easy to use? The controller is important. The joystick offers full 360-degree control (including speed control) and directional control. Good controllers should have enough sensitivity to follow instructions precisely. It should also be durable. Many manufacturers will choose cheaper controllers to reduce costs, but this will increase maintenance costs.

portable wheelchair

* The battery

Lead-acid batteries are always used in traditional electric wheelchairs. The battery is cheap and has a good performance, but it's too heavy to take on an airplane. A lithium battery is the best option if you're looking for a lightweight, electric wheelchair.

electric wheelchair prices

* This material

Electric wheelchairs are made from steel and aluminum alloy, but their prices differ. Aluminum alloy is lighter and more durable, so it's the material that more and more manufacturers choose for the frame. Carbon fiber frames are a good option if you're looking for something better.

Lightweight electric wheelchair

Cutting corners in production and service is a great way to reduce costs. Even though the materials are the same, the quality of the final products will be very different. Of course, this will affect the price.

* The brake system

Electromagnetic brakes are standard on all high-end electric wheelchairs. The intelligent braking system costs more than the normal ones but can offer better protection. Safety is a primary concern for people who use electric wheelchairs.

Foldable Electric Wheelchair


The quality of a electric wheelchair is determined by the mold. The higher the cost of manufacturing, the more complicated the processing technology. The cost and time required to create a mold for a high-quality electric wheelchair would exceed your expectations.



Good electric wheelchairs always have a humanization design and they usually have many extra functions. The more features it has, the more expensive it is. You may find that you need some of the following functions.

* Foldable electric wheelchair

In recent years, folding electric wheelchairs have become a popular trend. This feature allows you to easily store it in the trunk. Fold it up when you're not using it and place it in a corner.

Portable Electric Wheelchair

* Electric Reclining Wheelchair

An Electric reclining wheelchair allows wheelchair users to rest their bodies.

wheelchair for elderly

*Adjustable electric wheelchair

We all know that different people have different body types. It would be difficult to find an electric wheelchair that fits your body unless you customize it. You can customize an adjustable electric wheelchair to fit your needs. This includes the width of the seat, footrests, headrests, and other parts.

folding wheelchair

* Electric Wheelchair with shock-absorbing

The comfort level of the electric wheelchair will also be affected by this factor. A shock-absorption electric wheelchair can be useful if you drive your wheelchair over uneven terrain. You can pay more to get added comfort and convenience.

Lightweight electric wheelchair


This is known as "Brand Premium". Although they are more expensive, they offer a higher quality of service and better maintenance.

All of us know that what you get is worth the money you spend. You can use our advice to help you choose the right electric wheelchair.

  • List the features you require most. You may need a folding electric wheelchair, an adjustable wheelchair, a reclining wheelchair, or even all three.

  • Asking for prices from different suppliers will help you to determine the range in price of the electric wheelchair that you are looking for.

  • You can use your survey results to determine the budget that is best for you.

Sinovehicles is a Chinese electric wheelchair manufacturer committed to providing quality products to its clients. We are happy to help you if you're looking for high-quality wheelchairs but don’t know what to buy.


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