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What Should You Pay Attention To When Driving An Elderly Mobility Scooter?

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What Should You Pay Attention To When Driving An Elderly Mobility Scooter?

Elderly Mobility Scooter is a vehicle designed to make travel easier for elders. What would you consider the most important factor when purchasing a mobility wheelchair? Safety is the most important thing to me. We will give some tips to elders using mobility scooters.

Step 1. Make sure you can drive the mobility scooter

Not all older people can drive a scooter. You should make sure the elders can drive a mobility device before you buy one. The elderly can only drive a mobility scooter if they have a good brain and can control it accurately. Safety is always the first consideration.

Step 2. Find an elderly mobility scooter

It is important to have a suitable mobility scooter for the elderly to drive safely. When buying a mobility wheelchair, pay attention to its size, seat width, maximum capacity, and turning radius... You will receive these parameters and should choose the best one for you. You can read this article to learn how to measure these parameters.

How To Choose A Wheelchair Based On The Parameters

Step 3: Maintain the correct driving behavior

Try to use the mobility scooter in an open space before you buy it. Your center of gravity should be in the middle of your seat. This can help you avoid tumbling over while driving. Keep the scooter at a safe pace when it is in use. The maximum speed for a mobility scooter that is qualified should not exceed 10 km/h.

Follow the traffic laws strictly. When driving, pay attention to the other vehicles and passengers.

Step 4: Routine maintenance of the mobility scooter

Wear and tear is inevitable for components on mobility scooters used by elderly people. All parts of your mobility scooter should be checked regularly, particularly the brake system and tire. This is what you need to do when you use a mobility wheelchair.

Mobility scooters for the elderly precautions

1. Check the water level in the mobility scooters for the elderly.

2. Cover the exhaust port cap tightly before charging.

3. Don't overcharge. Overcharging can lead to excessive gas consumption (water), battery heating, and battery aging.

4. Under-charging will cause battery dulling. Batteries will dull if you undercharge.

5. Batteries older than 10 years old should not be charged for mobility scooters that are frozen solidified.

6. Avoid charging the mobility scooters for elderly people at temperatures above 49 degrees.

7. No matter how many kilometers you drive, the battery must be charged every day.

8. Verify that the charger works correctly (voltage settings are correct).

9. For a balanced charge every three to six months, the time between each charge is 1-2 hours.

The Sinovehicles mobility scooters come in aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. They are lightweight, portable, folding, durable, and more.


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