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Introducing the All-New Electric Power Wheelchair with Smart Control Panel and Dual Mode Operations

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Introducing the All-New Electric Power Wheelchair with Smart Control Panel and Dual Mode Operations

electric wheelchair

Experience the freedom to move without restrictions with our latest electric power wheelchair made with high-quality aviation-grade aluminum alloy. Our electric power wheelchair is designed to provide maximum comfort, durability, and safety to users. With a maximum weight capacity of 120 KG, you can trust our product to deliver a reliable and sturdy performance.

power wheelchair

One of the unique features of our power wheelchair is its electromagnetic brake system. This advanced feature ensures that the wheelchair stops immediately upon releasing the joystick. This not only eliminates the risk of backsliding or slipping on steep slopes but also ensures maximum safety for the user.

motorized electric power wheelchair

Our Electric Power Wheelchair also comes with a universal control remote, which is easy to operate and use even for first-time users. The remote control is also interchangeable, allowing you to place it on either the left or right side of the chair.

foldable electric power wheelchair

lightweight power wheelchair

The electric wheelchair features both manual and electric operation modes, making it ideal for all situations. The smart control panel makes it easy to switch modes seamlessly. With an intuitive interface, you can control the speed, direction, and even check the battery status with ease.

electric power wheelchair

Our product also features solid and stable aluminum alloy wheels, which eliminate shaking and rusting. The 250W dual motors and 24V12AH lithium battery provide an extended battery life, ensuring that you can safely journey to your destination.

electric wheelchair price

adjustable electric power wheelchair

electric wheelchair prices

The Power Wheelchair's one-click folding feature makes it easy to store and transport. Every detail of our product has been carefully crafted to provide users with the perfect experience. Whether you're running errands or exploring new corners of your city, our Electric Power Wheelchair is the ideal companion for all your travel needs.

folding electric wheelchair

elecctric wheelchair for sale

battery wheelchairs

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