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How to choose the right electric mobility scooter

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How to choose the right electric mobility scooter

Electric mobility scooters are becoming more common. We can see that more and older people use them for their daily trips. How can we then find an electric scooter that is suitable for us? Here are some tips.

This is the list of content:

  • Technical parameters of the carbon fiber mobility scooter

  • Points of purchase for carbon fiber mobility scooters

Electric scooter Technical parameters

Check if the technical parameters of your vehicle comply with national regulations. It is important to consider this! Many scooters are on the market and are prohibited from being driven in many countries. If an elderly person purchases one of these vehicles, they will be in a lot of trouble. The carbon fiber vehicle you buy for elderly people must meet all the national standards. You can find the detailed instructions below.

(1) The speed is safe. (According to relevant standards, it should be within 10 km/h). (Note: speed refers to the maximum speed that a mobility scooter can reach if not equipped with speed limiters.

(2) The length, height width, and weight of the indicators, as well as other indicators, cannot exceed the national standards.

(3) The center of gravity and wheelbase design of the mobility scooter should be low. Safety cannot be overlooked.

(4) The rear-wheel drive system, the front and rear brakes, and the vehicle's braking distance must be within 0.5 meters. Undoubtedly, a too-long braking distance can lead to serious security issues.

(5) The whole car must have a strong climbing ability, and be equipped with a reverse device.

(6) The operation should be simple. It should not confuse the elderly and be easy for them to start.

Points of purchase for carbon fiber mobility scooters

(1) Look at the condition of the mobility scooter and check if the paint and plating are intact.

(2)Test drive the mobility scooter first to ensure it is in good working order. The wheels should work smoothly and without feeling like they are stuck, there should be no noise and no odd sounds when driving.

(3) Verify that the mobility scooter has auxiliary functions. Check the auxiliary functions of the mobility scooter (such as speed, power, and mileage display). The mobility scooter is in good condition.

(4) Check if the accessories, chargers, certificates of conformity, manuals, and warranty cards are all complete.

(5) All certificates required for after-sales services are in place.

(6) If you are buying an electric scooter, choose a retailer that offers a return policy. Preferably, one who promises there is "no need to return or exchange". You are protected. If the product and the network introduction do not match up, you may suffer unnecessary economic losses.

Sinovehicles Mobility Scooters are made from aluminum alloy. They all have an electromagnetic brake system. Our agents are located in several countries and have sold them all over the globe. Please contact us with any questions.


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