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How to choose a suitable mobility scooter for the elderly?

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How to choose a suitable mobility scooter for the elderly?

Mobility scooters are common transport for the elderly for daily travel. We can see various products in the market. It would be hard for you to decide if you don't know what kind of mobility scooter is appropriate for the elderly. Now, we will show you some important factors.

Portability of the mobility scooter

For the elderly, a mobility scooter is a tool that can help them enjoy outdoor activities. As we all know, a good mobility scooter should be portable and won't cause any trouble for the users when go out. portable mobility scooter should be folded easily and can be put into a car trunk easily. If you can't take it out easily, it would be meaningless to buy it.

Whether the elderly mobility scooter accessories are complete

Accessories should be complete. The strength requirements and performance requirements of mobility scooters for elder parts should be higher than those of bicycles. Selection, the user should look at the quality of the parts selected for the whole car, such as: whether the frame welding and surface defects, whether all parts of the manufacturing are excellent, whether double support is strong, whether the tires are selected brand-name, fasteners are rust-proof, etc.

Is the speed of the elderly mobility scooter standard?

The speed should be slow, to ensure safety! The international speed standard for a mobility scooter for elders is 8 kilometers per hour, which is to take full account of the actual physical condition of the elderly. The speed can be known by asking the merchant or, most intuitively, by looking at the dashboard of the car. The maximum scale on the dashboard may not be the maximum speed of the car, but it is a good way to get a glimpse. A car with a speed of 8 km/h may use a 12 km/h dashboard, but never a 60 km/h or 70 km/h dashboard.

Are mobility scooters for elders safe and comfortable?

As a product for the elderly, its safety should not be ignored, do not pursue too fast speed, but the safe, comfortable, mobility scooter for elders must be selected to meet the national standard requirements. Because a mobility tool is generally seated for one or two hours, the elderly originally on body's various reflections are relatively slow, so must be comfortable, so as not to travel for a long time after the evening home to appear tired pain, and other discomfort reflections.

Elderly mobility scooters are used by the elderly, and range and ordinary two-wheeled electric vehicles are different, without too much mileage. Generally, the daily range of activities of the elderly is within 3-5 km, so it is enough to have a battery that can last 20 km. For special needs for long-distance, you can choose 30 km or 40 km of battery.

If the battery is small, the weight of the body can be lighter, in case it breaks down on the way, the elderly can push it on their own, and the brakes are better (because the body is light, the driving inertia is small), for the elderly, the safety is higher.

Sinovehicles mobility scooters are made of aluminum alloy or carbon fiber, they are of good quality and have many advantages such as being lightweight, portable, foldable, durable, and so on...Welcome to contact us if you have questions.


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