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How Can I Choose an Appropriate Wheelchair According To Its Parameters?

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How Can I Choose an Appropriate Wheelchair According To Its Parameters?

Now that services have improved and grown stronger, more people want to purchase wheelchairs online compared to local stores; but to do this successfully one must understand what each parameter stands

for before purchasing online a chair - we will go over some important indicators here to assist your search for suitable models!

electric wheelchair portable and lightweight

How to Select a Wheelchair

Before purchasing a wheelchair for use inside of your house, take measures to make sure its width matches with that of its door opening, to allow easy passage for it.

Seat Height & Width

When setting up a wheelchair for comfort, both its seat height and width play a critical role. Make sure there is sufficient elbow room for all users while 30-50mm should be the ideal distance from dashboard to

hip for seat width measurements.

Distance Between Armrests Does your target users like chairs with armrests, then take measurements on how far apart the armrests are. This will enable them to position their arms for maximum comfort when sitting.

Height Between Seat and Pedal

When the distance between your chair and pedals is too close, stretching freely becomes limited and fatigue quickly sets in. Conversely, too far of a distance will cause similar problems; and can make exiting 

easily impossible as well.

Max Capacity

It is important to keep capacity in mind. Wheelchair models vary considerably in capacity - most can handle 120 kg while some can go as high as 180 kg, so if you are overweight be sure to check with the seller

first before purchasing.


At present, aluminum alloy wheelchairs are among the most sought-after on the market due to being lightweight yet strong and cost-effective. If you desire something lighter then carbon fiber might

also be worth exploring (but note that their price increases quickly).

Driving Range 

An important indicator for electric wheelchairs, driving range is dependent upon battery size - larger batteries provide longer driving distances.

Rotation radius

An electric wheelchair can make 360-degree turns. A shorter turning radius means greater maneuverability in tight places such as narrow hallways.


One of the worst experiences when using a wheelchair is sliding down an inclined surface and falling. At this time, make sure your prospective purchase offers a safe gradient.

Braking System

An electric wheelchair's braking system is of paramount importance; more and more models incorporate smart electromagnetic brake systems for precise braking when the joystick is released from its grip.

foldable lightweight electric wheelchair

Electric Wheelchair XFGW25-203

lightweight electric foldable wheelchair

To find your ideal wheelchair, it is crucial to understand its key parameters and learn their significance. Zhejiang Qianxi Vehicles Co., Ltd specializes in research & development for wheelchairs designed specifically

to meet users' requirements; so feel free to reach out if more info is required! We welcome inquiries directly!


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