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Discover the Freedom with Easy Fold Portable Electric Wheelchair

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Discover the Freedom with Easy Fold Portable Electric Wheelchair

Are you searching for an easy, effective, and practical mobility solution? Look no further! Introducing the Easy Fold Portable Electric Wheelchair: an indispensable companion for easy, independent mobility.

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easy fold portable electric wheelchair

At Your Fingertip: Freedom at your Fingertips.

Are you tired of struggling with bulky and heavy electric wheelchairs? Look no further: the Easy Fold Portable Electric Wheelchair will revolutionize the experience! Thanks to its groundbreaking design, effortless folding and unfolding in seconds are now within your grasp - meaning goodbye to bulky equipment hassles for good.

Electric Folding Electric Wheelchair for Efficient Convenience

Relieve yourself of the strain of manually folding and unfolding your electric wheelchair with our Electric Folding Electric Wheelchair's unparalleled convenience! Simply push a button, and effortlessly fold or unfold without exertion - experience independent mobility thanks to this cutting-edge feature!

Light and Portable: Bring It Anywhere

Experience an active life without limitations due to mobility issues! Our Easy Fold Portable Electric Wheelchair is constructed of lightweight materials for effortless transportation - whether that means traversing busy city streets or exploring scenic parks, this electric wheelchair will let you go where life leads you effortlessly!

Versatile and Durable: Ideal for Everyday Use

Whether for daily activities or occasional outings, our Folding Electric Wheelchair is an ideal solution. Thanks to its sturdy construction and high weight capacity, its comfortable use should suit a range of individuals comfortably and securely. Don't let limited mobility prevent you from engaging in activities you love - instead, use our electric wheelchair as the vehicle of freedom and independence that it brings!

Cutting Edge Features: Safety and Comfort Together

Your safety and comfort are our primary goals, which is why the Easy Fold Portable Electric Wheelchair features advanced features to enhance the experience. Adjustable backrests and footrests provide optimal support and comfort, while anti-tip wheels guarantee stability while helping prevent accidents. Featuring a powerful yet whisper-quiet motor, this electric wheelchair offers smooth rides across various terrains.

Claim Your Independence Now

Say goodbye to traditional electric wheelchair limitations and discover the ease, versatility, and freedom provided by the Easy Fold Portable Electric Wheelchair! Recapture independent mobility while living life to its fullest. Visit our website now to gain more insight and place your order!

Product Details

electric folding mobility wheelchair

Frame: Aluminium Alloy
Motor:24V/250W*2 Brush/Brushless motor
Battery: 24V6 6AH/12AH/18AH/24AH Lithium battery(1 or 2 optional)
Front wheel:8”(200*50mm)PU solid
Rear wheel: 12"(320*60mm)Rubber pneumatic
Wheelchair size:110*63*96CM

The electric wheelchair is controlled with an easy-to-use joystick that can be placed on either the left or right hand side depending on the user's preference. It is designed with a 12" rear-wheel drive system with two 250W motors to overcome tough terrains such as hills and ramps. Shock absorbing front, rear and side suspension ensures a smooth ride throughout.

Get yourself an Easy Fold Portable Electric Wheelchair now and experience a new level of freedom!


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