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5 Trends of Electric Wheelchair Development

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5 Trends of Electric Wheelchair Development

The electric wheelchair is a familiar sight in our daily lives. How to improve it has always been the goal of wheelchair designers. Our experience has shown that there are five trends in electric wheelchairs. Let's take a look at it together.

Lightweight electric wheelchair

This is a list of content:

  • Portable

  • Versatility

  • Intelligent

  • Green

  • Personalize


In a well-off society, more and more disabled and elderly people go shopping, to parks, for leisure, or other activities. The frequency of wheelchair usage has also increased, resulting in higher demands. The development of new composites and the use of materials for power wheelchair can reduce the weight while maintaining the strength and durability of the wheelchair. It is also important to optimize and innovate the folding method and mechanism of power wheelchairs, to reduce the size of the wheelchair when folded, and to save space for transportation and storage.

Foldable Electric Wheelchair


The different needs of electric wheelchair users also means that the basic transportation function cannot address all of their problems. Power wheelchairs that are based on medical theories, such as toilet wheelchairs and station assist wheelchairs and rehabilitation wheelchairs and stair climbing chairs, are also receiving more attention.

adjustable electric wheelchair


Power wheelchairs will be equipped with artificial intelligence to improve manipulation, human-computer interactions, safety protection and other features. The traditional mechanical buttons will be combined together with other control methods such as voice, touch screen, body movement, etc. Integrated into the system will be more advanced technologies such as automatic obstacle avoidance and automatic folding. GPS positioning, visual tracker, and other multi-field technology will also be used. The control of electric chairs using EEG signals has been studied in the domestic market. The human-computer interface can gather voice and other information efficiently and accurately. This allows users to communicate with family and friends via video at any time and anywhere.

intelligent electric wheelchair


Power wheelchairs will use airless, non-toxic, recyclable and environmentally friendly tires. The power wheelchair uses a high energy battery that is made of new materials and technology and has new energy. This battery can charge super-fast and improve battery life. The battery is composed of several sub-modules that can be easily disassembled and changed. The battery can be used to charge the car or disassembled. Wheelchairs and electric vehicles can also share the same charging piles, saving on social resources.

Portable Electric Wheelchair


Personalization is becoming more important as people become more aware of themselves and their needs. Likewise, technological advancements such as 3D printing and intelligent manufacturing have made it possible to customize products. The elderly and disabled will be able to choose a wheelchair that is modular and tailored to their needs in the future. This will allow people, machines and the environment to be integrated and respect the rights and pursuits of these vulnerable groups.

electric wheelchair 2023

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