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4 Development Trends & Prospects of Electric Wheelchair

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4 Development Trends & Prospects of Electric Wheelchair

Although manual wheelchairs are cheap, they are difficult to use, consume physical strength, can only move mechanically, and have a low safety index. These people need electric wheelchairs to help them with their daily lives, reduce burdens, and increase freedom. The research and development of smart wheelchairs is also very effective. The development of smarter and more efficient electric wheelchairs will reduce physical burdens and promote the development of the wheelchair industry. What is the current development trend of electric wheelchairs?

Here is a list of contents:






With the advancement of technology, electric wheelchairs will continue to develop. Smart wheelchairs will use more intelligent technologies for human-computer interaction, including voice control and eye control. Enable users to operate independently without the assistance of others.


The design of electric wheelchairs is user-centered, targeting the elderly and disabled, and should be designed according to their degree of disability and psychology. The control interface should reduce complex functions, simplify operation steps, and reduce glitz. Emotional factors should be considered in the appearance design, including color matching, seat surface material selection, softness and hardness, backrest angle adjustment, etc.


Electric wheelchairs need modular design for listing. The modular system consists of a basic module and a functional module. Each module can be combined into an intelligent wheelchair with different functions. Users can customize the wheelchair according to their needs and choose the appropriate functional module. The modular production of electric wheelchairs is conducive to meeting the different functional needs of consumers, and also helps enterprises to a certain extent, reduce production costs, and ensure product quality and after-sales service.


Electric wheelchairs are no longer displayed as scientific and technological achievements in laboratories and expositions, but are sold as ordinary products in the market. Intelligent wheelchairs are becoming as common as smartphones, with a variety of styles, prices, brands, and functions.

Electric wheelchairs are on the rise. If you are interested, you can contact us. www.sinovehicles.net is our website address.


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