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How to Measure the size of an electric wheelchair before you buy it

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How to Measure the size of an electric wheelchair before you buy it

The electric wheelchair has the following main dimensions: seat height, width and depth, seat inclination and backrest height/inclination, and armrest and pedal height. What is the basis for determining the size parameters of an electric wheelchair? Next, let's look at this.

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The following is the list of content:

  • Height, width, and depth of the seat

  • Seat Inclination

  • Height, width, and inclination of the backrest

  • Height and spacing of armrests

Height, width, and depth of the seat

Seat Height is the distance between the upper support surface on the seat cushion and the point of contact with the ground. The height of the seating surface affects the stability of the electric wheelchair while driving. A seat that is too high will increase the center of gravity, reducing stability. It's also easy for the electric wheelchair to roll forward, lean backward, or even flip over. The user's thigh muscles should not be compressed by a reasonable seat height. Both legs should also be able to freely extend and flex forward and backward. The calf of a female sitting in the 95th percentile is raised by approximately 500mm.

Seat width depends on the width of your hips and elbows in the seated position. The seat of an electric wheelchair is too wide. This causes the elbows of the user to extend on both sides. It also reduces the stability and fatigue in the sitting position. The seat width was determined at 445mm after considering the psychological and functional corrections.

Seat depth is designed to ensure a stable sitting position and support the lumbar spinal column. This includes a gap between the rear of the leg and the front of the seat. If the seat depth is too small, it will cause the back muscles to be overloaded, which can lead to acne. The seat depth will also damage the lumbar spinal column. The electric wheelchair is designed to be highly adaptable, based on a smaller percentile for the size of the human frame, plus some corrections, which results in 440mm.

Seat Inclination

Seat surface inclination is the angle between the support of the electric wheelchair and the horizontal plane. The seat is designed to have a large inclination to avoid the buttocks sliding forward and to provide adequate support for the lower spine.

Height, width, and inclination of the backrest

The backrest is height-adjustable to meet the needs of the user in adjusting their sitting posture. The height of a backrest must be based on the height at which a person sits. It also has to meet national standards. The adjustable backrest can be adjusted between 460mm to 540mm. The width of a backrest is based on the width of a woman's shoulder, calculated by multiplying the 438 mm shoulder measurement of the 95th percentile with the correction amount of 440 mm. Backrest inclination is the obtuse angle that is between the backrest plane and the horizontal plane. It is usually 95deg to 120deg. The angle between the human body and the horizontal plane should be 115 degrees. This will stretch the spine and make it more comfortable. The inclination of the backrest of an electric wheelchair is 105 degrees. If the inclination of the seat is 4deg then the angle between the seat and the backrest will be 109deg.

Height and spacing of armrests

The armrest height is the distance between the armrest surface and the seat surface. The armrest supports the arm and also helps to maintain stability when bumps or shakes occur. It can help the user stand up, change their sitting position, or get up. The electric wheelchair design is based primarily on the elbow position in the sitting posture. The 5th percentile of female elbow height in a sitting position is 215mm. The armrest height is 225mm, based on the amount of correction. The distance between armrests can affect the comfort of a sitting position. Design is based on the width of the body in a sitting position. The armrest distance should be set at 525 mm based on the elbow width for the 95th percentile of females sitting in a comfortable posture. This is 478 mm plus the correction.

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