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How to Buy a Ultra Lightweight Electric Wheelchair ?

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How to Buy a Ultra Lightweight Electric Wheelchair ?

The development of the industry has led to an increase in lightweight portable electric chairs, which are being purchased by more people. For most electric wheelchairs the lighter is not better. Sinovehicles, a professional manufacturer of electric wheelchairs, has wheelchair engineers who will explain why a lighter electric wheelchair isn't better.

Why has the weight of electric wheelchairs increased? Two aspects can be discussed: the battery, and the materials used in the frame.


The battery

We all know that electric wheelchairs used lead-acid battery at first. The battery is stable, but it's too heavy to take on an airplane. Most electric wheelchairs now use lithium batteries. These are lighter and can even be transported on an airplane. This is perfect for those who travel by plane.


The frame materials

Iron and steel were the first materials used for electric wheelchairs. The wheelchairs of this type are not only heavy, but also very cheap. We have developed a very sophisticated technology for producing steel/iron chairs and reduced their weight to the lightest.

Aluminum alloy is the material of choice for lightweight wheelchairs. It is as strong as steel, but much lighter. Aluminum alloys are easy to process and offer high corrosion resistance, making them more suitable for electric chairs.

You can purchase a carbon fiber electric wheelchair if an aluminum alloy electric wheelchair is not enough for you. This is a high-end type of wheelchair. Carbon fiber is used widely in the aerospace industry, civil engineering, motorsports and other competitive sports. It is characterized by high strength, resistance to friction, rapid thermal conductivity and corrosion, as well as moisture-proofing and water-proofing.

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